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Red Oak II

A Town from Yesterday

Just a couple miles northeast of Carthage, and just off of Route 66  you will discover Red Oak II!  Created by artist, Lowell Davis, this town looks like a ghost town from years past, but it is actually the complete opposite.   

What is Red Oak II?

Red Oak II was the brainchild of internationally known artist, Lowell Davis.  Davis was born and raised in a town 20 miles north of Carthage, Missouri known as Red Oak, Missouri.  After becoming an adult, Davis left Red Oak.  After a number of years, Davis returned to his hometown to find that Red Oak had become a ghost town.  After discovering this, he bought buildings from Red Oak and moved them to his family's land near Carthage and gave them new life.  He called this creation, Red Oak II. Wandering through Red Oak II you will find a collection of early 20th century buildings like a general store, a Phillips 66 station, an old school house and even an old cemetery,

Today, each of the buildings in Red Oak II are privately owned.  Davis lived in the Belle Starr house, where the infamous lady outlaw lived.  Davis passed away at his home in November 2020 at the age of 83.  

Red Oak II welcomes visitors from all over the world.  When visiting Red Oak II, please stay on the gravel road and be mindful that this is a private community.  

Where can I find Red Oak II?

Directions to Red Oak II - Take MO 96 east out of Carthage about one mile.  Then turn north on Road 130 for almost two miles to Kafir Road, then turn right.  Red Oak II is about 3/4 mile down the road. 

To learn more about Red Oak II, Click Here!

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