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George Washington Carver
National Monument

George Washington Carver, known as the Peanut Man, was born into slavery near the end of the Civil War, on a farm in the southwest corner of Missouri.  Carver went on to become a respected scientist, educator and environmentalist.  As an American agricultural scientist, Carver developed 300 products from peanuts along with other products from crops like soybeans, and sweet potatoes.  George Washington Carver National Monument was established in 1943 at his birthplace.  Just 15 miles south of Carthage in Diamond, Missouri, you can visit this 240-acre National Park honoring his legacy.  This is the first National Park to honor an African American. 

The park's visitor center welcomes visitors from all over the world. Visitors learn about highlights of Carver's lifelong contributions to sciences.  This includes a museum, theater, gift shop and interactive exhibits. Visitors are encouraged to explore the park and walk the nature trails and visit the 1881 Moses Carver house and Carver cemetery.  Guided tours are offered daily at 10 am and 2 pm.

We encourage you to make a visit to George Washington Carver. Pack a picnic and enjoy it at the Creekside picnic area after full day of learning and exploring.  

5646 Carver Road
Diamond, MO 64840

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